What is Omni Chic?

The word "Omni" means all or everything. "Chic" is defined as stylishness and elegance, typically of a specified kind. I as a woman, I strive for elegance in the way I style myself and the spaces around me. It gives me a sense of pride and happiness when I see everything working together in a chic way. I want to share that feeling with other women through Omni Chic. My goal is that women will chose Omni Chic to satisfy their need to be chic.


"In all things, be chic"-LaToya Williams 


What does Omni Chic Offer?

Omni Chic consists of items that were handmade by the owner, LaToya Williams, and quality items that were hand selected to be sold to our amazing customers. 

Some of the quality items that were hand selected for the store are fashion jewelry, handbags, gloves, scarves, etc. The handmade items consist of soy wax candles, jewelry, tote bags, etc. All fashion accessories designed by LaToya Williams are sold under the name Omni Chic.   

Omni Chic is a collection of elegant yet edgy designs. Her designs are created with the contemporary, driven woman of today in mind. She believes a woman should not have to substitute quality for fashion.

Each piece is hand crafted with care and made with quality materials. She provides pieces for women who are dissatisfied with mass produced accessories, and take pride in connecting with the vision of a designer while visually enhancing their own personalities through each piece worn.

We also offer alteration services. Please contact us  at 434-250-2055 to set up an appointment today!

Our soy wax candles are made under the name Epiphany by OC. We have many fragrances to chose from check them out online or in-store.